• Addison Developments - Residential Subdivision

Addison Developments - Residential Subdivision

MSC Consulting has provided design and contract management services to McConnell Properties on the Addison development at Papakura since 2003. The Addison development is a 1200 lot residential subdivision on a greenfields site and has a strong urban design component.

Stage 3 of the Addison development was completed in mid-2008 and consists of 203 residential lots ranging in size from 200m2 to 500m2. As with earlier stages of the Addison development, the aim is to produce a high quality neighbourhood, where people feel safe and proud of the area in which they live. Instead of being “engineer driven” like many residential subdivisions, the design team, including urban designers, landscape architects, engineers and planners, provided a coordinated approach to the development.

Attention to detail in coordinating infrastructure elements with urban design and landscaping features was a key element, as was “raising the bar” in terms of construction standards rather than “just doing what has always been done”.

Innovative techniques for controlling stormwater runoff and mitigating the impact of overland flow were incorporated into the siteworks design.

Because of the very flat nature of the site, with grades typically averaging 0 – 0.5%, careful planning ensured that earthworks were minimised.

As well as the siteworks for the development itself, MSC undertook design and construction management services for the widening of adjacent Walters Road and improving the downstream capacity of the stormwater drainage network.