FML Glass Manufacturing

Office and Warehouse | Industrial | Location: Auckland | Client: Haydn + Rollett | Architects: Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects

MSC provided structural engineering services for an office and warehouse project for FML Glass Manufacturing in Mt Wellington, Auckland.

MSC and contractors Haydn + Rollett continued their longstanding relationship and worked closely together on this project for the client FML Glass (Fairview Glass) Manufacturing. This project involved the design of a new glass manufacturing facility and a 2-level office. Three existing buildings were joined following the demolition of the existing offices and part of the existing warehouse.
MSC’s team provided the design for the new glass manufacturing facility and undertook assessments of the existing buildings to ensure structural support requirements were met during the demolition phase. The team also had carefully plan for further structural support during the construction phase to attach the existing buildings to the new build.
MSC worked closely with the tenant during the building design stage to ensure the manufacturing plant equipment needs were not only met but exceeded.