Mainfreight Whangarei

Infrastructure | Civil | Location: Hobsonville Point | Client: Hobsonville Land Company | Auckland Council Property Ltd

Mainfreight is one of MSC’s long-term clients, with civil and structural work undertaken for the company at a number of sites including, some years ago, the construction of a warehouse, office and external yard in Whangarei.

When Mainfreight needed to extend the Whangarei terminal, it engaged MSC to undertake the design and construction observation for the development of a new parking area ahead of the construction of a new freight terminal on the existing parking yard. Faced with challenging ground conditions, MSC developed the design for a system of sand blanket, engineered fill and pre-load material to ensure settlement of the land ahead of completing the parking yard. 

MSC worked co-operatively with geo-tech experts to assist with the yard regrading, and to obtain building consent to ensure the project was completed within Mainfreight’s time frame. It also worked with Mainfreight’s design/build partner in Whangarei as the freight terminal was built on the site of the old yard.