Falls Road Subdivision

Subdivision | Civil | Location: Warkworth, Auckland | Client: NO 82 Limited

MSC’s civil team was engaged for the 34 Lot residential subdivision of Falls Road in Warkworth including two new public roads and a Joint Owned Access Lot (JOAL).

With changes to Auckland’s Unitary Plan, MSC’s client had the opportunaty to develop a greenfields parcel of land in Warkworth to create 34 residential lots, public roading and drainage. The area included is approximately 2.95 hectares. The site has a change in grade from the top of the site to the bottom of 18m, which dictated the design of the subdivision around the new public road. Retaining Walls were designed to present sites that were flat and ready to build on. 

The recent rezoning of this land meant there was no public wastewater reticulation available to serve the development, so a new pump station was designed to serve the 34 lots until the new public wastewater reticulation is available in the future.
MSC’s civil team also undertook the initial feasibility study, reports and resource consenting, as well as the civil design of the subdivision and was contracted to oversee the development as it progressed.