Sale Street AA Insurance

Office Building | Commercial | Location: Freemans Bay, Auckland | Client: Mansons TCLM | Architects: FORMis

MSC undertook civil and structural design and documentation for AA Insurance’s new head office in Sale Street, Freemans Bay for client Mansons TCLM.

When Mansons TCLM engaged MSC to undertake civil and structural design and documentation, assist with resource consents and observation of construction of new head office for AA Insurance in Sale Street in central Auckland, the engineers faced unusual challenges. The new building, which has a 5-star environmental rating, was constructed on a narrow site, with older buildings on either side of an existing building on the site that was to be demolished. 

Excavation for two levels of below-ground carparking required engineers to design underpinning to ensure the neighbouring properties were supported during excavation and construction. And with Mansons keen to work with the owner/occupier of one of the adjacent properties when it was found that its boundary wall was on the construction site, engineers designed temporary wall supports for the adjacent building; this was later successfully tied back to the new seven-level building.